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THE MARVELS (pop-punk, IT) | "Hold On" (single) + UK tour

Funny and energetic pop-punk trio announces their new single "Hold On" and first UK run.

(pop-punk, IT)

The light-hearted trio from Italy just released the third single off their album "The Next Level": "Hold On". You can play the lyric video below: 
FFO: Blink 182, Boys Like Girls, All Time Low.
Touring for the first time ever out of their home country, The Marvels are heading north early 2017 for a 6-date UK tour. The pop-punk trio from Naples is still promoting its new album "The Next Level" produced by Francesco Catitti (Halflives, Adam Kills Eve...). The band also has an European tour scheduled for later 2017.
Coming across the new punk rock scene with a modern touch of pop and electronics, The Marvels recently released their new album "The Next Level" and are about to embark on a couple tours in the UK and Europe to present it. The band demonstrates a great emotional maturity, mixing catchy vocal lines and powerful guitar riffs. After promoting their album in their home country, The Marvels are ready to set sails beyond their frontiers, bringing their funny and humorous attitude to new stages.
Find more about The Marvels here:
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24.02.17 ARMORED SAINT - "Carpe Noctum" (CD/vinyl/digital download)

Metal Blade Records to be inducted into "The Hall of Heavy Metal History"!
As part of Metal Blade Records' 35th anniversary celebration in 2017, "The Hall of Heavy Metal History" will induct the label at an all-star ceremony, which takes place on Wednesday, January 18that the Anaheim Expo Center in Anaheim, CA. Hosted by television and radio legend Eddie Trunk, the awards show will also feature performances by the Dio Disciples (with Craig Goldy, Simon Wright, Scott Warren, Bjorn Englen, Tim 'Ripper' Owens, and Joe Retta), Ross "The Boss"(with iconic guitarist Ross 'The Boss' Friedman, Rhino, vocalist Marc Lopes, and Mike LePond), among others. Proceeds from the event will benefit the "Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund".

See below for the 2017 "Hall of Heavy Metal History" inductees:
--Ronnie James DioRainbowBlack SabbathDio (with Wendy Dio accepting the induction)
--Metal Blade Records (with Brian Slagel accepting the induction)
--Scorpions (with drummer Mikkey Dee accepting the induction)
--Rainbow Bar and Grill (with Rainbow Bar and Grill owner Mikael Maglieri accepting the induction)
--Lemmy Kilmister, Motörhead (with Manager Todd Singerman accepting the induction)
--Ross "The Boss" Friedman, formerly of Manowar
--Rudy Sarzo, formerly of Ozzy Osbourne and Whitesnake
--Frankie Banali, of Quiet Riot (along with a special 33rd anniversary induction of Quiet Riot, as the first band to achieve the #1 heavy metal album status)
--Vinny Appice, formerly of Black Sabbath and Dio
--Don Airey of Deep Purple
--Andy Zildjian, President/CEO of Sabian Cymbals
--Randy Rhoads, Ozzy Osbourne (with the Rhoads family members accepting the induction)

Metal Blade Records CEO/founder Brian Slagel comments: "We are totally honored to be inducted into such a great organization. I am awestruck at the names that stand beside us, and so thankful for everyone who has helped us along the way. Huge thanks to all at the 'Hall of Heavy Metal History' for this great honor."

For tickets and more information about "The Hall of Heavy Metal History", please visit:thehallofheavymetalhistory.org 

Is 2017 the year that will change Rock and Metal forever?

Is 2017 the year that will change Rock and Metal forever?

That is a pretty big question I hear you say but just bare with me here as there is a lot to get through. Firstly this is not a new thing, oh no, this has been bubbling along for some time and one way or the other 2017 is the year that this music we love HAS to change.

Lets get this in perspective so you need to do a Scooby Doo flashback(accompanying noise and wobbly screen optional) and go back a few years to Gene Simmons unforgettable statement “Rock is dead”, I like many of you would have had the same reaction “ fuck you Gene, you do not know what you are talking about” but in hindsight and taking in his distorted view and grasp of the only thing he loves...money, I can see where he was coming from now. It also ties in with Andy Copping’s yearly moan about the lack of big bands left to play Download.

Well in those respects 2017 is the year the shit hits the fan people. Gene bases Rock on success and Dollars and that means arena bands. The demise started last year with the likes of Motley Crue saying goodbye, this year we had Twisted Sister and next year we may only have the official goodbye of Black Sabbath and Aerosmith but if you look at the roster of arena bands already announced for an appearance in the UK next year, the likes of Kiss, Maiden, Guns’N’Roses, The Who and Alice Cooper when do you think they will next make an appearance outside of a festival on these shores? With the gaps between their last UK tours I think you can safely say it will be another five years minimum before they come back( if they come back).

This means that from 2018 things are going to look very sparse on the Rock/Metal arena front and I for one say it is about time. Arena shows are fading on me and fast. My last one was the Alterbridge tour and although I think the three or four band line up is the only way arena shows will stay relevant in the future they have to be better put together. I ended up going just for two of the four bands and the whole thing reminded me of the good old monsters of rock festival where you got six or seven bands and you were lucky to like three at most. This meant lots of drinking, general debauchery and good times but things are different now. I do not want to pay £50 to see two bands, I do not want to pay £5 for a pint in-between the bands I like and although I get to catch up with a lot of people the arena show is a whole different kettle of fish when it comes to fans.

The fact that the Alterbridge crowd was made up of hundreds of people in Christmas jumpers tells a story. It is like the people who have already raced out and paid ridiculous prices for Guns’N’Roses, Sabbath and Maiden tickets. I get that people still want to see these bands and I get that they want to say goodbye(although I done this in the 90s already Ozzy) but the majority of the people sitting on their PCs at 9AM on release or presale day are arena whores(yip, I just made that up and I like it). Their last show would have been an arena or a festival, those people who go from one year to another holding out hopes that the big guns will tour...well you guys have hit jackpot in 2017 but you are stuffed for the foreseeable future after that.

I know a lot of regular gig goers and it has pleased me to see some drawing a line in the sand and saying no, I am not paying that kind of money no matter who it is. This has to be the bottom line. Lets be honest here, we are paying for Black Sabbaths retirement, Slash’s divorce and probably another plane or balloon for Bruce Dickenson. We should also suck it up and and face facts, I am old enough to have seen all these bands first time around, back when they were a driving force, when they were pushing the barrier and raising the roof. It does actually pain me to say this as some of these bands are held like a religion to me but it has been a long, long time since any of them have been at the top of their game. At best you could say some of them are still pretty good live and have released decent( I am being very kind with that word) albums. They are not in their prime, they are not grabbing the industry by the balls and sadly they are not lighting the way anymore and this is where our saviours step in.

I live in Glasgow and pretty much every day of the week you can go to a gig in this city, this year alone I have attender well over 50 shows and three festivals...that is a lot of bands in total and I can count on one hand the amount of bands I would class as sheer crap or talentless. I may have see a fair few I did not like but they did not fit into those categories.

The young bands of today are a different breed from when I first saw bands back in the 80s. Back then NWOBHM was taking off and everybody was jumping on the wagon, everyone thought they could form a band, get a record deal and make a fortune. This kicked into overdrive when MTV( the M stands for music...who would have guessed huh?) hit the screens. As long as you looked good you got a record deal and we got a shitstorm of talentless wannabees and abysmal videos.

Those days are long gone and I suspect they will never return so the new breed of musicians have had to accept it is going to be a struggle, that they may never reach the heights of the arena bands bowing out next year but they still do it and this is the mindset that has literally rocked my world this year. I have been blown away by bands I have seen in clubs this year, bands who have done all the hard work in a bedroom, then a garage and finally taken it to a stage. By the time they have travelled to Glasgow they have hundreds of gigs under their belt and it shows.

If you appreciated the big boys back when they were firing on all cylinders, if you saw them live you will remember the feeling of knowing without doubt that the band was something special. My first ever gig was Iron Maiden in 1980 in a tiny town hall and I knew instantly they were going to be massive. 2016 was the year I have said the same thing so many times that I cannot count them.

If you want some proof of this I am going to throw some names at you, names of bands you may or may not have heard but have the technical ability, talent and the best balls out live performances that you can hope to see today. They capture what the big bands had in their prime and they far outshine anything those guys can produce nowadays.

So take down these names and go check them out, do it on youtube first if you must but go see them live and then come back to me and tell me I am wrong. One of the most entertaining live bands on the circuit is Massive wagons, Devilskin may be big in their homeland of New Zealand but I expect them to break here as they have two huge albums and an incredible sound live. Stone Broken are touring with Glen Hughes next year so they will be playing on the largest stages they have and I expect to see them win a whole host of new fans, they deserve it as they are the nicest bunch of people and stunning live. Inglorious are Download headliners in waiting. The Dead Daisies have said goodbye to the smaller venues and are now an arena act without the arena. Bad Touch have just released an album that is finally worthy of their quality live. For Blues/Rock King King cannot be surpassed on a stage by even the biggest of names. If NWOBHM was your thing back in the day then Kaine are your band. With the likes of Green day and Blink 182 also coming here next year get yourself to see Love Zombie and Altered Sky as you will not see two better Pop/Punk bands on a small stage. If you are a thrasher buy Damaj’s new EP wrath of the Tide and pray they come to your town and finally another Glasgow band that I would bet my mortgage on in making it are Mason Hill. They may not have even played a headline show yet but this band are destined for greatness.

I honestly think the small guys are going to have a tough year in 2017, far too many expensive gigs means a lack of funds for the smaller shows but I urge everyone to make the effort to get out there, go see new bands...your next big thing could be behind that tiny, scruffy venue door. Another request is if you are contemplating spending £130 for a ticket for one show ditch it as a bad idea, you can get a weekend ticket for an amazing festival for less than that. You will see a multitude of bands and have a brilliant time with people who are there for the music(not to tick a musical bucket list). There are some brilliant new, young and fresh festivals out there who showcase the best in upcoming talent. Just look at the likes of Wildfire Festival, Breaking bands, Winter storm and Mearfest( which is also helping a fantastic charity).

The industry’s future lies with these bands, your enjoyment lies with these bands so get out there and do your bit people, enjoy your 2017 but when the dust settles on it open your heart to a brand new dawn. I have looked into our future and it is very bright.

A small postscript to the bands now. Firstly thank you for all that you do and just hang tough in 2017, it may be a tough ride but the darkest hour is always before day breaks.

Article by Ritchie Birnie



Samantha Lamb – The Gig Gals/Jace Media

This is the second EP to be released by Brighton based 1 in Five, who are a 5 piece rock / blues band.  The band have generously allowed fans to download  this EP for free by subscribing to their mailing list as they want you to listen to their music, enjoy it and share it with friends.

The band is made up of Jay (vocals), Mike (guitars), Chris (keyboard / guitars), James (bass) and Martin (drummer).  1 in Five say that their songs are “all about the world around us and often highlight important issues that go un-noticed or un-reported. Themes include climate, injustice, corruption and power.”

The EP, Evolve, starts with Always About You.  The opening guitar riff would not be out of place on any rock album and leads nicely into the banging drum beat and keyboards by which point your head will be nodding along.  Then Jay’s vocals kick in with social commentary on the system being a prison.   The chorus is really catchy and I have found myself humming it over and over.  “It’s always about you, just another aggravation, never a revelation”.  The track builds with the chorus kicking in and keeping you nodding your head and tapping your toes.

Messiah is the next track and starts with a church organ and sounds like a service is about to commence.  This is a fast paced, guitar heavy track with a great drum melody.  The vocals lead up to the lingering “messiah” the pace then slows and builds again.  This track contains some great riffs, which sounds like the guitar is singing to the Messiah.

Three Days is about a convicted killer who is due to be hung in 3 days.  Jay’s vocals are really strong in this track and it reminds me of a Doors track, due to the rich voice and underlying melody coming from the guitars and drums.  The guitars rise and soar as we near the end of the track.  The rhythm then comes back in with a countdown of the number of days left until the hanging takes place.  This track is a belter, I would imagine will be fantastic live with the guitar building and the richness from the vocals.

Salvation starts with a kicking beat, which allows the listener space to hear all of the instruments, you can tell that this band can play judging by the quality of the music.  There is a great drum solo, with clashing guitars.  I can imagine the crowd singing along to the chorus “I want salvation, I need redemption”.  This track turned up load will certainly have you dancing along.

Evolve is the final track and starts with a cry and a call to “Come on” then we are into a banging drum beat, guitars rocking, building up to “We have no time to evolve, our time is running out”.  This is a fast paced, frantic song which as the lyrics suggest is trying to run away and stay ahead.

This was my first experience of 1 in Five, the tracks on this EP will keep your toes tapping and head nodding along and you may find yourself humming and singing along before you know it.  I would imagine that this band live will get the crowd going and dancing along.


Naomi Jeremiah – The Gig Gals/ Jace Media
Tantrum, a five piece hard rockin’ outfit from the wonderful Scotland, bring you this epic EP ‘Rough Cuts’, for your listening pleasure. Forming in 2013, from the ashes of two other bands, ‘Laserfox’ and ‘Destroyer’ (KISS tribute). So if you like your rock hard and loud; if the awesome influence of 70s/80s rock is too irresistible and calls to you; and if you enjoy feeling like a rebel, then listen up! This EP is for you!
‘In Love With Anarchy’ is the opening track, and starts with a hard and heavy drum beat akin to fireworks or gun fire, that will certainly wake you up. If it is possible for music to sound anarchist, then this track definitely has that ring to it, so it is aptly named. Adam’s vocals are deep, gravelly and in the best possible way brings a shouty sleaziness to the music. Personally, I love this, it adds to the rawness and passion of the music. Chuck in the great guitar solos and unrelenting drum beats and an anthemic song appears through your speakers. I feel I may be ‘In Love With Anarchy’!  A great opener for this EP.
‘Dirty Little Tease’ is packed full of dirty bluesy riffs. I am starting to think of the track titles as actually descriptors to what you will find within. Tantrum, certainly ‘Does What It Says On The…Track Title?’. Dirty Little Tease has an original rock n roll sound, and showcases some amazing fretwork. The drumming in this track certainly makes you want to move, Billy smashes the hell out of them. So far I am loving how the vocals work on their tracks, the backing vocals certainly turn the track into an anthem that we can all sing/chant/shout along to, and you can’t help but feel that Tantrum encourage it. Yet just as you lose yourself in the lyrics and singing back at the top of your lungs, the music ends. Arrghhh, Tantrum know how to leave you wanting more. Luckily for me, there are three more songs to go.
‘All Hail Rock n Roll’ is up next, and in comparison to the previous tracks, this has a slower rhythm to it. Still hearing the strong 70s/80s rock influence, Adam growls his way through the lyrics, whilst the drums, bass and guitars grind the rock into your ears. This track still retains the chanting that is the backing vocals, and it’s easy to imagine Tantrum on stage in a sweaty gig venue with the crowd chanting back with them. I’ve yet to see Tantrum live, but hope to really soon. They have toured with the likes of Bonafide, and Diamond Head so far, and it’s easy to see why other bands have snapped them up as support.
‘Get Off Your Ass!’ certainly makes you do just that. I may even confess that it makes you consider donning the double denim. Kicking off with the vocals, before all else explodes into action, you can definitely hear the KISS influence, maybe a touch of Twisted Sister. Although sounding akin to the music of yesteryear, Tantrum take the best parts of that and mix it with a new energy leaving you with fresh, vibrant and kick ass rock n roll.
The final track of the EP bursts through your speakers with an intro of hard hitting guitar and drums. ‘Runnin’ has a different sound to the previous tracks. The vocals calmer, and almost deeper, bringing a confident epic-ness with them. However all is still familiar with the backing vocal chanting, so fear not, you can still sing/shout along with the guys of Tantrum. These guys have absolutely nailed their specific sound, which truly is music to my ears.
So, a great EP with five fantastic tracks. I encourage you to go check Tantrum out, I have a feeling that these guys bring the party to a live gig. Meanwhile I am going to hit replay, and sing at the top of my lungs! All Hail Rock n Roll!

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NEWS: Orange Goblin's Ben Ward launches campaign to raise funds for Team Rock's laid off staff

ORANGE Goblin frontman Ben Ward has launched a JustGiving campaign in the hope of raising £20,000 for the staff of music publisher, Team Rock. The campaign comes following the company’s liquidation and the announcement that over 70 members of staff are to be laid off with no severance pay six days before Christmas.

Ward said: "Today (Monday), 73 members of the Team Rock staff were told that the company is going into liquidation and that they are being made redundant with immediate effect with ZERO pay.

"These are good, hard-working, committed people that through Metal Hammer, Classic Rock, Prog Rock, TeamRock Radio and more, have supported the rock and heavy metal scene in this country for decades and now we, the rock community, need to pull together to help give something back."

People can donate to the campaign here:

73 people were laid off following the company’s collapse. Administrators were called in after the firm got into financial difficulties, and 27 members of staff in Scotland and a further 46 in London have been made redundant. Seven staff members will be retained "in the short term" to assist the administrators.

Team Rock ran a stable of rock music magazines, including Metal Hammer, Classic Rock and Classic Rock Presents Prog, and featured regular content on its website, www.teamrock.com.

Administrators at FRP Advisory are now seeking buyers for the business's magazine titles and other assets. Joint administrator Tom MacLennan said Team Rock had traded at a loss "for a significant period of time". Adding: "The company explored every option to secure the long-term future of the business, however the constraints on the cash position of the business were such that administration was the only viable option. The administration presents an excellent opportunity to acquire high profile rock music titles, products and brands that have a substantial global following. "

Team Rock was founded in 2012, and bought the Classic Rock, Classic Rock Presents Prog and Metal Hammer magazines from Future Publishing in 2013. FRP have stated the company's website attracted more than three million hits per month, and the company owns an extensive archive of video, radio, images and magazines.

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8th December 2016.
Pint sized Ronnie Romero played his first ever show in Glasgow to a smaller than expected crowd.
Glasgow music fans were spoiled for choice on this particular night as The Red Hot Chilli Peppers were playing The Hydro , The Temperance Movement at the Oran Moor and a couple of small gigs close by.
Local lads Mason Hill opened up the night’s entertainment, followed by Worcestershire lads -Fury. Both support bands had their share of fans there.
The crowd took a bit of time warming up to The Lords of Black., who started the set with ‘Merciless’ from their second album – Lords of Black 2. The band have been around since 2014 and this is their biggest headlining tour to date.
Some of the songs were quite long and seemed to drift into the next one.
The band who are based in Spain, sound has been described as Prog Power Metal /Metal Opera.
The band Guitar player Tony Hernando , Drummer Andy C. and Bass player Victor Duran seemed to relax and enjoy playing after a few numbers.
Duran, playing his Fender Jazz and Hernando playing his Ibanez guitars soon won the audiences approval. Both are very good classical musicians.
Towards the end of the 14 song set things seemed to liven up and there was more audience participation than earlier.
The encore Neon Knights and Kill the King has the audience jumping and singing along. Great cover versions of both songs. I’m sure those two songs were the reason for some folks going along to the show.
It’s easy to see why Ronnie Romero was snapped up by Blackmore last year to front Rainbow. What a voice!
Top of Form
Bottom of Form
Top of Form
Bottom of Form
Set list:
Forgive or Forget
Lynn Lamond
Lords of Black at the Cathouse, Glasgow