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Following the recent success of their much heralded and critically acclaimed studio album Solas, The Answer are pleased to announce the first radio single from that record, 'In This Land', to be released on St Patrick’s Day, March 17th2017.
A soaring paean to their Northern Irish culture, The Answer bring to life a land of "heroes, criminals and stars." Referencing influences such as Van Morrison, Alex Higgins and Rory Gallagher, the song not only acknowledges the success of local boys made good but also tips a hat to the many diverse local characters and talent that make up this unique landscape of ‘Irish-ness’. Welcome also to the world of ‘Crazy Joe’ and the 'Mystery Men’, a fictional band of armchair socialists and freedom fighters whose alcohol-induced views dissipate into reality with every passing sunrise.

Says singer Cormac Neeson, “The song is about growing up in Northern Ireland and the sense of cultural identity that such an upbringing spawns. It’s a very colourful and wonderful place, at times contradictory, at times tragic but always unique and oh so memorable. It’s something we’re all very proud of; our little land has been responsible for its fair share of heroes, criminals and stars!”

With 'In This Land'The Answer have gone back to their roots and rediscovered their inner selves bringing to the fore a much more contemporary and mainstream sound, utilising acoustic guitars, mandolins and layered chorus harmonies. Never have they sounded so fresh and this new sonic approach has garnered some of the best international reviews the band have ever had:
“Songs that seem to have been received more than written. The poetry, madness, anger, frustration, the gentle reflective nature of the quieter moments. It’s all there with an honesty and clarity than cannot be denied” (Pop Matters)

“Solas is an outstanding collection of songs. It’s perhaps Kashmir, Led Zeppelin at their most dramatic” (The Daily Mirror)

“Something has happened to The Answer; a new found sophistication, an unmistakable quantum leap forward” (Team Rock)

Following on from a sold out November 2016 UK run, the band have announced eight further UK headline shows to support the 'In This Land' release including a headline slot at the Planet Rock Winters End festival in Dorset.

Feb 24th Belfast, Limelight -
Feb 25th - Dublin, Academy 2 -
Feb 26th - Dorset, Winters End Festival (Headliners) -
Feb 28th - Bristol, Fleece & Firkin -
Mar 1st - Cardiff, Globe -
Mar 2nd - Southampton, Engine Rooms -
Mar 3rd - Manchester, Band On The Wall -
Mar 4th - Nottingham, Rescue Rooms -

The Answer are firmly embarked upon a new musical and creative journey and 'In This Land' should propel them firmly into the mainstream consciousness.

In This Land - live @ Vintage TV

Being Begotten
 For more information contact Chris Dean or William Luff at Wilful Publicity

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Anchor Lane – New Beginning
So Rock world I give you Anchor Lane, a young and highly talented three piece from Glasgow. New Beginning is classed as their debut(although it isn’t really) but let’s take it at its merits and treat it as such.
I have been avidly awaiting this release since I saw the band do a support slot last year. Myself and many others were a bit gobsmacked when we saw them play. I do a lot of gigs in Glasgow and these guys had slipped under the radar even though they had only been together a year. That night they outplayed their youth and the length of time together by a long way.
For that reason alone this release had to step up to the mark they had set that night and I am delighted to say this was no fluke. We may only have four songs but boy have they crammed in some corkers. The EP kicks off with “Finished For Twelve” and my god just listen to the groove on that intro. It was born in the deep south and it bites like an alligators jaws. It is Black Stone Cherry at their best. The song is all about the life of a band and rock life in general. It is real upbeat number with how everything Rock’N’Roll should be, ie a celebration. It may be completely different in sound but it reminded me of Saxon’s “Denim And Leather”. That song took me back to my early days of buying music, going to gigs and everything I loved about the music scene and this song grabs that good time vibe by the balls and just rocks the hell out. This is one hell of a song!
Next up is “ Annie” and the riffs keep coming hard and fast. This one is a bit more in for the jugular and has a determined rat a tat riff throughout. It has a cracking chorus that I will be singing loudly(and very badly) the next time I see them live. “Cog In The Wheel” is an older number that has been salvaged from their live session CD and rightly so as it was one of the really memorable songs live. With its opening Whoah chants it kicks into a dirty, greasy, slithering beast. Vocalist/Guitarist Conor Gaffney has a blast on this one. He obviously knows this song well and revels in it, favourite number two right there.
The whole thing wraps up with the song” Twenty Sixteen” which is a tribute to the fallen heroes of last year. It crackles to life with a scratchy vinyl sound and then has a blistering run on the fretboard. It settles into a machine gun chug in the background as Conor takes centre stage and goes for broke. This is top notch melodic rock at its best and a fitting tribute to the likes of Lemmy and Bowie. At one part we get the lyric “ who will be fit to stand where they once stood?” and I know this is very early but if this band can produce top quality material like this they are well on the way to becoming a household name.
The boys are racking up some excellent support slots and also have an EP release gig coming up so if your are in Glasgow make sure you catch them, if not make sure you buy this EP which goes on rsale 10th February from all the usual stockists or the bands facebook/website. Well done guys, you have done yourself proud and I will see you live shortly.
Review Ritchie Birnie


Glenn Hughes/ Stone Broken @ The Garage Glasgow
It is a huge night in Glasgow for gigs, there are 4 top class acts playing with probably the biggest the farewell from Black Sabbath. That was always going to hit numbers tonight especially as this was the rescheduled gig from last year. Tonight was a matter of allegiances for me, I have done many Sabbath gigs and I was one of those idiots who went to the last farewell tour. No, this was an easy choice, Glenn always performs at the top of his game and with a support as good as Stone Broken there was no question where I would end up.
Are there still people out there who do not know how fucking fantastic Stone Broken are? If there is where are you all hiding? I have to wonder if your heads are placed up a certain orifice as this band are quickly becoming one of the best live bands on the circuit. I have not missed one show they have played in Scotland and I do not aim too. They are that good.
This band are really kicking up dust at the moment. They are getting note from all the important sources, doing the top festivals and travelling the length and breadth of this country and that hard work is really paying off.
As the band stroll onto the stage in their nonchalant way you could be fooled into thinking these are just punters who sneaked onto the stage. This band is not about the rock star looks, the showing off, no, they get right down to it with opening number “Stay All Night” and that is where the links to talentless punters like me ends. The last few years of constant gigging means the songs are flawless. Rich Moss on vocals has learned how to work an audience and I am sure after watching Glenn night after night that will only improve his technique. Talking of technique the band are on fire, Chris Davis is a flurry on this big stage, it was if he just needed that room to bloom and throw all the moves at you.
The short set tonight means every song is an absolute classic. Their dubt album “All In Time” is a year old now and I have played that CD to death, if it was vinyl I am sure it would have been worn thin. Songs like “Better”, “Stay All Night” and “Not your Enemy” are blistering live, even new song “ Just A Memory” is fast becoming a favourite. There is no two ways about it this band deliver time after time and going by tonights crowds reaction and the length of this tour this tour could break them massively, especially in Europe.
Do yourself a favour and check this band out…you will not be disappointed and I can assure you you will be back for more.
This was the fourth show of a ten date UK tour. Glenn Hughes and his band, Danish Guitarist and producer Soren Andersen, Swedish musicians Pontus Engborg on drums and Jay Boe on the Hammond organ opened the set with Flow from the new album Resonate.
Looking vibrant and healthy in purple glasses, dressed in red paisley patterned waistcoat and trousers, Glenn looked genuinely happy to see a good turnout in the audience. He stopped between each number – not to catch his breath but to wipe his nose and to talk about the songs. Often expressing his gratitude for the audience turning up. He was only too well aware that a BIG band were playing a BIG venue in town that night – referring to his friend Terry (Geezer Butler) playing down the road.
The set was a mix of numbers from various stages of his colourful musical career. The funk /heavy/soul sound and amazing vocals captivated the audience. The band relaxed after the first couple of numbers, smiling and clearly enjoying themselves, knowing they had a captivated audience. Soren Andersen guitar riffs and backing vocals worked perfectly with the golden voiced Hughes. The keyboards were outstanding and a not too long drum solo showed off the two other musicians talent. Highlights being Trapeze’s Medusa and Coverdale /Hughes composition You Keep on moving.Hughes explained that his Mother is very ill and thought of cancelling the tour to be at her side but she was insistent that he go on tour with her blessing. He dedicated a song to her and another to his former Deep Purple band mates John Lord and Tommy Bolin.
After finishing the set with legendary track Black Country, the band returned to the stage playing Heavy from the album and Burn as their final number. A fantastic performance by Glenn Hughes and his Scandinavian musicians. I made the right choice picking this gig. I’m sure the others who were there would agree.
Images and Stone Broken review Ritchie Birnie
Glenn Hughes review Lynn Lamond

Saturday, 28 January 2017


Cerebral scar gig at the king billy rock bar in Northampton.
This is the busiest I’ve seen the king billy, and Friday night, end of the month, it should be. On the bill tonight, a launch party for Northampton band Cerebral Scar, who are joined by Haema and Iron Grave.
The lighting in The King Billy is challenging, and the stage is tucked away into a corner. Indeed this is the second time I’ve photographed here. The rumours of a new improved stage and lighting are yet to come to fruition. That said, the following here is loyal and the punters really enjoy this venue where many perform, so I fiddle around with the camera settings, and carry on.
Still, at around 9 Iron Grave hit the stage. A nice bunch of guys based in Northampton. Simon the lead singer is expecting his first he told me, and after struggling to get together as a band (the former drummer working a 7 day a week job in Birmingham as a tattoo artist being replaced by a new drummer from Kettering just up the road), “we’ll be together for a couple of weeks then might have to go on hold again.” Hopefully not, as they were excellent. Playing tracks from their from new EP “Conquering of The Dragonhammer,” they performed new tracks “Crushed Beneath The Dragonhammer,” and “Up on The Alter,” as well as “Rise,” “Giants,” and “Wizards,” from their back catalogue. They’re hoping to perform more in the future; the get my seal of approval and hope to see them soon.
With some really interesting synth, Haema hit the stage. A truly international band this, with American born lead vocalist Jordan, a Polish bassist and drummer from…Milton Keynes. A great local band who are certain to go on to bigger and better things, as they are currently on the festival circuit, at the moment discussing several dates for this year to be announced. The band consist of Jordon Calderwood on vocals, Andrzej Jakubiuk playing guitar, Scott Stephenson on bass and David Flitt on percussion. Theyíre a couple of years in the making, having played in both Poland and The UK. Described as experimental sample infused industrialised with a nu-metal sheen, thatís a pretty good description. The first track they played, ironically called, ìIntro,î really did stop everyone and make them listen. Iíve never heard anything like it, and for the second time in as many days Iím extremely glad that I got up, got out and experienced something I would never have come across had I stayed at home and watched the telly. Tracks performed included ìGabriel,î ìFalse Prophet,î and ìEmpires Fall.î At the end of a track called ìEden,î I decided to sit back and enjoy this band a little, and allow the crowd to really get into them too. Great band, Iíll look out for them. If you are going to this yearís ìDownload,î make a point of seeing them there, miss them and youíll be the one who misses out!
Now.. there are times when you really need a mosh pit or bigger stage. As soon as Cerebral Scar started their performance, I realised this was going to be one of those times, as the very small space between the ìstage,î and crowd was completely used up by Mark, lead vocalist in the band. Heís a big fella, and nearly inadvertently took me down by I managed to find spaces in-between tracks to cower in!
Cerebral Scar are a refreshingly energetic band, and that energy flows very nicely indeed from the finger-tip to the floor and on to the many punters who have turned up on this rather wet evening to see them. Their genre is ìhard core skate punk/thrash/anything you can bang into!î Iíd sayÖ. Thatís completely correct!
The King Billy is now packed and itís difficult to move about. Behind Mark, the Leah, Rhys and Ross are joined by James Redden on drums, who has stepped in to help the band out. Having only had six weeks to prepare himself for tonight, heís done a great job, and receives a richly deserved nod from the band, and crowd. Itís hot back there, and James has had to remove his t-shirt. He means business!
The Northampton based band, performed songs from their forthcoming EP ìRide The Quarrel.î Sound advice!!!
Their performance included tracks which started with ìFinal Solution,î Pessimistic Reg,î and ìHate Is,î ending with ìTo Hide Behind,î before going back to and performing ìThrashbackî (I think) for the second time around, for good measure.
Excellent performance, from a brilliant band. Northampton has some excellent talent, Iím glad I got to see some of it this evening. Top night.


So tonight I’m photographing at The Crauford Arms in Milton Keynes. Is actually a decent sized pub quite a few punters in already so looks as though the gig is going to be quite substantial? I’m really looking forward to tonight. First up we have Long John and The Killer Blues Collective, followed by followed by Desert Storm, and ending the night in from The US, the headliner act, the aptly named Nashville Pussy who I’m really quite looking forward to hearing.
It’s my first night down at Crauford arms and it looks as though it might become a regular as I have such a good lineup including the Lioness Amy Winehouse experience, and bands like Hacktivist, Legends of Goldie Lookin Chain filling the bill for the rest of January. Its fairly vlose to home so, lets see how this one pans out….there’s a decent sized crowd here already…and the doors are not yet open!
Well, what a great set. Long John and The Killer Collective really performed a great set. Its hard to know what to expect when photographing or listening to someone you’ve never heard of before, and more so when you’re in an unfamiliar venue. This, was just the ticket. Seven songs performed, kicking off with the rockin “John The Rev,” and really didn’t stand still from there with tracks like Holy Moly Healer Man and the very jamming Tequila…cumulating with Mean Loving Girl. The band from… are going to be ones to watch and listen to in the very near future, good sounds and great style. They killed it!!!
OMG, what an excellent set? I can see I’m fast running out of superlatives this evening, which is turning into one of those I’m glad I didnít miss! Desert Storm carried the crowd on the crescendo of a wave, of an awesome wall of sound. Once the energy woke the madding crowd with a band of appreciatively nodding heads, there was no stopping.
With their brand if grunge metal, DS kicked up the beat and played some awesome riffs. Such wad their set, they added another track to the end of their performance (they’d been allowed to!)and well worth it too!
Awesome band, can the night really get any better?
As though the night couldnít get any better, next up the headliners, ìNashville Pussy.î I clocked them waiting right of stage. There was a particular section of the track playing (which I believe was AC/DC ñ but not one Iím familiar with) when Blaine Cartwright, wife Ruyter Suys, Bonnie Buitrago clad in black, and Jeremy Thompson took to the stage; Bonnie to the left of me, Blaine taking up position centre stage and Ruyter to the right, with Jeremy taking to the drums, backs to the audience.
After a brief pause, the background music faded and Nashville Pussy turned; the girls ripping into the fantastic opening riffs of Pussy Time.
Like I said to one of the punters at The Crauford Arms, if you donít get out and experience things youíve never heard before, you miss out on life. He said heíd seen Nashville Pussy several times, the first being 13 years ago and they were brilliant.
He couldnít have been more accurate. Musically sporting the genre of ìcowpunkî meets ìSouthern hard rock,î meets ì something else described as ìpsychobilly,î there were instances of rifts heard before and a lot first heard by myself on the evening. They were great!
I can always gauge just how much Iím enjoying a band playing by the amount of photographs Iíve taken, and in a very short space of time Iíd exceeded 300; eventually ending at around 450.
Delivering to the very appreciative crowd hits from their 20 years of playing, Pussy Time went into their set; playing ìCome on, Come in, îIím So High,î and ìRub it To Death,î whilst also being good enough to give a nod to Status Quoís recently departed Rick Parfitt (1948-2016 RIP). ìHe was with us,î said Blaine, perhaps referring I think to a period in 2012 when Rick collaborated with them.
Hearing the name ìNashville Pussy,î youíd be forgiven for assuming theyíre from NashvilleÖ but no! They stem from a little place in Georgia, called Atlanta. Why are they called ìNashville Pussy?î Well, Iíd guess that seeing the name alone would make you want to hear them, it worked for me and glad I did.
I didnít think it was ìA Good Night for a Heart Attack,î but they played that anyways, polishing off their set with ìWhy, Why, Why,î ìGo to Hell,î before and encore and coming back with the imaginatively named, ì Strutting Cock,î finishing on ìGo Motherfucker GoÖî just to sendíem home.
Ace venue, great gig, worth seeing!

Friday, 27 January 2017

Stone Broken interview, Glasgow




Jen Janet – Dangerous EP
Jen Janet has started out as the lead vocalist for alternative rock band Blind Revision, but now she is hoping to expand her artistic range by experimenting with refreshing dance pop on her first solo EP, released on 6th March 2017.
Now, you would not be surprised to learn that dance pop is not my preferred choice of music, but considering Jen Janet’s roots in Blind Revision, I had faith in her. I am glad to say that my faith was rewarded immensely – it is a great sounding EP and her vocals are positively sublime in even a dance pop setting.
In Bloom is the intro track and is a softer piano number to start the EP on, with hypnotic vocals and emotional lyrics. Can’t Breathe is more dance-orientated and less softer than the previous track, more of a conventional dance pop track with a sound similar to the likes of Natasha Bedingfield. It is a nice change that the lyrics are comprehensible and well-written rather than the usual tosh that is trotted out these days – I’m looking at you Nicki Minaj.
Moonlit Dancefloor is another conventional dance pop track, but is as equally well-executed as the former. Again the lyrics are based on spending the night dancing with a crush or beau, such is the staple with this style of music, but thankfully it does not detract too much from what is a very good song. This one has a hint of Lady Gaga to it, which is in no way detrimental to the song as I do love a bit of Gaga, with a decent slow beat to end.
Dangerous is more of the same and again a very catchy, stereotypical dance pop track. One thing that especially stands out is the lyrics once again – they are all well-written, and it is truly refreshing to hear. If this was the music being played in clubs on the odd occasion I step into one (rock bars are more my thing…), then it would make me very pleased indeed. It is the most dance-orientated track of them all and inherently catchy.
Jen seems to have a gift for the dance pop slant, though having heard some Blind Revision, it is good to hear that she has stuck to her vocal strength and has managed to apply her vocals to two entirely different scenarios with equal finesse.
Even for me, with music like this not at the forefront of my interests; it is a very good EP and I am confident it will strike a chord in even the truest dance pop aficionado (if there is such a thing…).
Niki Flynn


Joanne Shaw Taylor/ Broken Witt Rebels @ 02 ABC Glasgow
The Joanne Shaw Taylor bandwagon rolls into Glasgow. The woman is finally getting the attention she deserves as the venue this year is much bigger, the crowd much rowdier and the place is packed for what was to be an amazing set by both bands.
After missing them numerous times last year I finally got to see the Broken Witt Rebels take to a stage and ignite an audience. After their set that night I swore I would not miss them again in this city and so I was there front and centre and glad that there was not much time between gigs.
This band stands out in a pot of talent that is the UK just now, for me the smaller bands are finally staking their claim on the big boys and Broken Witt Rebels are head and shoulders above many. They hark back to a day long ago but they pour out a mix of genres and style you just don’t see these days. You may look at this band and know what to expect, you may see the band play onstage and know their sound but the moment Danny Core opens his mouth your world will change.
These guys were born to be on a stage, I cannot imagine them anywhere else now even although they told us that the very last job they done before deciding to throw everything into the band full time was in Glasgow. This maybe part of the reason this band love the city so much. I hope somewhere down the line we take some credit for that as this town sure does love these Celtic cousins right back.
I am sure this was a totally different audience for the boys and there were many here tonight who had never heard of the band but that status was short lived and the packed crowd stood to attention within seconds of the band launching into the brilliant “Low”. This is just a killer blow and goes straight in for the kill. This song has such a dirty, lazy swagger it should be illegal. If this does not get your blood raised, your hips swaying and your head tapping give up on life…for you it’s not worth living.
What followed was a lesson on how work a stage, an audience and walk away with a room full of people wanting more. We got the absolute best of their songs with the likes of “Howlin” and “Georgia Pine”. They even managed to throw in a new number which slotted in well in the set.
Tonight was just another step towards the domination that I can see this band claiming and rightfully so. If you ever want to know a reaction to a support band just check out the Merch stand after the set and tonight it was packed and the band were their to get photos done and sign anything and everything.
There is no better feeling than finding a band that you know without doubt you will be looking back and telling people you saw them many years ago in small halls, supporting bands that they would go on to overtake. This was my thought the first time I saw them and nothing I saw tonight changed that…get aboard the Broken Witt Rebels bus now before it leaves you behind, and as my mother used to say don’t come running to me when you cant afford their tickets.
Joanne Shaw Taylor was another artist I finally caught live last year. For me 2016 was a the year I embraced my love for blues. It had always been there since a seed was sewn decades ago with an unforgettable performance from the one and only Rory Gallagher. I was dragged to that gig against my will by a friend and I never looked back. I may have moved to the heavier Rock/Metal as I grew older but once blues comes into your life it never leaves you.
The other thing to take note of here is that Blues is predominantly a mans world. They have always ruled this genre so for this little unassuming woman to walk out on stage and look at packed halls everywhere she goes is some feat. She takes the stage in trainers, black jeans, t-shirt and guitar. To look at her you could never guess the talent she possesses. With her perfect mop of blonde hair over her face she plugs the guitar in and breaks into “Dyin’ To Know” and the audience were captured. This woman’s voice was made for the blues, her rasp oozes sensuality to grab at your heart and her guitar sends hooks into your soul.
Next up is “Nothing To Lose” and I cast my eyes across the crowd gathered, in between the hips swaying and the singing there is a sea of people with their eyes closed. A blues audience is like no other, nobody feels the music like them. Rock and metal may be my bread and butter and we love our live music but Blues pulls you in, drags you down and lets you get lost in a crowded room.
As those soulful chords of “ No Reason To Stay” fill the hall the pain of the blues sets in. You feel the hurt in her voice, you hear the tears cried and once again you disappear…as that guitar solo kicks in I have lost control of my body, it is now one with the music and the mood.
This show is packed with classics with my highlights being the incredible “ Diamonds In The Dirt” which always gets me. Then there is “ Wild Is The Wind”, a Johhny Mathis cover no less and I challenge anyone to listen to the original and put it anywhere near the class of this version. This song is for the lovers in the crowd and you know there has been some passion shown with this song in the background. Joanne just makes it her own and puts so much love and lust into it.
There is also a moment when the lady leaves the mic stand behind and we get 5 minutes of pure guitar magic and it is all wrapped up with fan favourite “Mud, Honey” and what a song to bow out on.
Joanne Shaw Taylor never fails to entertain, she lives, breathes and loves Blues. There is only one direction for her talent and that is to the top. She deserves every bit of fame she receives.
Images and review Ritchie Birnie

Monday, 23 January 2017

EWS: Extreme join ZZ Top as Ramblin' Man Fair headliners with Dokken, British Lion, Magnum, Kansas and more...

MEGA-selling Extreme are joining ZZ Top as the main headliners for Ramblin Man Fair 2017, joining the likes of DokkenMagnumKansas and many, many others.

Following on from the critically acclaimed and commercially successful second year in 2016, Ramblin’ Man Fair returns in 2017! And, having been at the last two we believe it to be a cracking festival

"Ramblin’ Man Fair is the must see event for discerning festival goers. A quality musical line up with a number of UK exclusive performances. The event is a unique experience fast becoming a staple of the UK festival calendar," say the organisers...and we agree.

The festival will take place in the beautiful Mote Park in Maidstone, Kent – the garden of England. The park is one of the largest in South East England with more than 450 acres of mature parkland and a 30-acre lake.

The festival will remain split into four stages over two days. Stages announced so far include Mainstage, Prog In the Park Stage, Outlaw Country Stage and Blues Stage. New for 2017 is a Guest stage unique to next year’s event more details of which will emerge in a later release.

Announced acts to date are:
Saturday 29th / Sunday 30th July
Main Stage
ZZ Top (Main Stage Headliner / UK Festival exclusive)
Extreme (Main Stage Headliner / UK Festival exclusive)
Dokken (UK Exclusive)
Blues Pills
Monster Truck
British Lion
Jared James Nichols
Colour Of Noise
Prog in the Park Stage
Kansas (Prog in the Park Stage Headliner)
I Am The Morning
The Gift

Blues Stage
Joanne Shaw Taylor (Blues Stage Headliner)
The Quireboys (Blues set)
Big Boy Bloater

Outlaw Country Stage
The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band (Headliner)
Dan Baird & Homemade Sin
Whiskey Dick
Jessica Lynn

Grooverider Stage
Rival Sons (Headliner)
Vintage Caravan
The Picture Books
Dirty Thrills

Information on just added bands:

Extreme (Mainstage) - Extreme are one of the best loved rock bands of the last 30 years, selling more than 15 million albums worldwide. The band have released 5 studio albums including the multi-million selling ‘Pornograffitti’, which spawned the hits singles ‘Get The Funk Out’, ‘Decadence Dance’ and the acoustic ballad ‘More Than Words’ which hit number 1 in the USA Billboard 100 charts and going onto to become a global hit single. The band recently played two sold out shows in the UK in support of the anniversary of their seminal ‘Pornograffitti’ album. Renowned for their stunning live shows, Ramblin Man Fair 2017 are delighted to welcome them to headline the festival for a 2017 UK exclusive performance.
“There will always be a special place for the UK in our hearts. Way before More Than Words hit around the world, The UK was "Getting The Funk Out”. Recognizing Extreme as a rock band first and foremost has and will always connect us. Cannot wait to rock with you at Ramblin' Man!!!” - Extreme Guitarist Nuno Bettencourt
“We are honoured to be headlining the Ramblin’ Man Fair. EXTREME has always had a special relationship with the UK fans and we look forward to a great night.” - Extreme Vocalist Gary Cherone.

Dokken (Mainstage) – Formed in 1979, Dokken have sold over 10 million albums worldwide. Their classic 1988 live album “Beast From The East” was nominated for the inaugural Grammy Award For Best Metal Performance in 1989. That year also saw the band split only to reform 4 years later. Consummate live performers and one of the pre-eminent metal acts of the 80’s Dokken will play the mainstage of Ramblin’ Man Fair as a 2017 UK exclusive. The current lineup of Dokken is Don Dokken (Vocals), John Levin (guitar), Mick Brown (drums) and Chris McCarvill (bass).

Kenny Wayne Shepherd (Country Headliner) - There are few artists whose names are synonymous with one instrument and how it's played in service to an entire genre. Utter the phrase "young country blues rock guitarist" within earshot of anyone with even a cursory knowledge of the modern musical vanguard and the first name they are most likely to respond with will be Kenny Wayne Shepherd. The Louisiana born axeman and songsmith has sold millions of albums while throwing singles into the Top 10, shining a light on the rich blues of the past and forging ahead with his own modern twist on a classic sound he has embodied since his teens.

Rival Sons (Grooverider Stage Headliner) - Based in sunny Los Angeles, California, Rival Sons evoke the bluesy rock of bands like Led Zeppelin and the Black Crowes. Formed in 2008, the quartet of Scott Holiday (guitar), Robin Everhart (bass), Mike Miley (drums), and Jay Buchanan (vocals) captures that massively huge, guitar-driven classic rock sound, with rock-solid drumming and a riff-oriented approach to song writing backing up Buchanan's soaring vocals.

Weekend Tickets Now On Sale at

Weekend General Admission – £150.00*
Weekend VIP - £250.00*
*Subject to booking Fee

Day Tickets Now On Sale at
Day General Admission - £85*
Day VIP Admission - £125*
*Subject to booking Fee

To keep up to date with all Ramblin’ Man Fair announcements please like, follow and visit us: