Friday, 27 January 2017


Jen Janet – Dangerous EP
Jen Janet has started out as the lead vocalist for alternative rock band Blind Revision, but now she is hoping to expand her artistic range by experimenting with refreshing dance pop on her first solo EP, released on 6th March 2017.
Now, you would not be surprised to learn that dance pop is not my preferred choice of music, but considering Jen Janet’s roots in Blind Revision, I had faith in her. I am glad to say that my faith was rewarded immensely – it is a great sounding EP and her vocals are positively sublime in even a dance pop setting.
In Bloom is the intro track and is a softer piano number to start the EP on, with hypnotic vocals and emotional lyrics. Can’t Breathe is more dance-orientated and less softer than the previous track, more of a conventional dance pop track with a sound similar to the likes of Natasha Bedingfield. It is a nice change that the lyrics are comprehensible and well-written rather than the usual tosh that is trotted out these days – I’m looking at you Nicki Minaj.
Moonlit Dancefloor is another conventional dance pop track, but is as equally well-executed as the former. Again the lyrics are based on spending the night dancing with a crush or beau, such is the staple with this style of music, but thankfully it does not detract too much from what is a very good song. This one has a hint of Lady Gaga to it, which is in no way detrimental to the song as I do love a bit of Gaga, with a decent slow beat to end.
Dangerous is more of the same and again a very catchy, stereotypical dance pop track. One thing that especially stands out is the lyrics once again – they are all well-written, and it is truly refreshing to hear. If this was the music being played in clubs on the odd occasion I step into one (rock bars are more my thing…), then it would make me very pleased indeed. It is the most dance-orientated track of them all and inherently catchy.
Jen seems to have a gift for the dance pop slant, though having heard some Blind Revision, it is good to hear that she has stuck to her vocal strength and has managed to apply her vocals to two entirely different scenarios with equal finesse.
Even for me, with music like this not at the forefront of my interests; it is a very good EP and I am confident it will strike a chord in even the truest dance pop aficionado (if there is such a thing…).
Niki Flynn